Truledger Source Code

This directory contains the Truledger source code.

The best way to get this code onto your machine is to install Git, and type the following at a command line:

git clone git:// truledger

You can browse the code by clicking a link below, or at

backup.lisp Server backup support
bcmath.lisp Arbitrary precision floating point arithmetic
ccl.lisp Clozure Common Lisp specific functions
client-web.lisp The client web interface
loom-client-web.lisp The Loom client web interface
client.lisp The client API
crypto-api.lisp API for talking to the crypto functions
crypto-session.lisp Encrypt the client/server link
history.lisp The history page in the client web interface
loomrandom.lisp Cryptographically secure random number generator (if /dev/urandom exists)
openssl-cffi.lisp Interface to the OpenSSL crypto library
package.lisp Package definitions
parser.lisp The message parser and matcher
read-write-lock.lisp A simple one-writer multiple-readers locking mechanism
sendmail.lisp A thin wrapper around cl-smtp:send-email, to compute the SMTP host from the to domain
server-test.lisp Some test code for the server
server-web.lisp The basic web interface
server.lisp The server itself
shared.lisp Code shared between client and server
tests.lisp Some client tests
timer.lisp Simple facility to execute a thunk at a future time
timestamp.lisp An ever-increasing timestamp that's close to unix time
todo.txt List of things to do
tokens.lisp Tokens used in messages and database file and directory names
toplevel.lisp The toplevel of the Truledger application binary
utilities.lisp Some utility functions
FSDB System
ccl.lisp Clozure Common Lisp specific functions
file-locks.lisp Locking files for exclusive access by a single thread
fsdb.lisp A simple File System Database
package.lisp Package definition
read-write-lock.lisp A simple read/write locking mechanism
sbcl.lisp Steel Bank Common Lisp specific functions
utility.lisp Utility functions
limited-thread-taskmaster System
package.lisp Package definition
taskmaster.lisp A Hunchentoot taskmaster that limits the number of worker threads


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