Truledger is an anonymous, digitally-signed general ledger and trading system. Like Loom, it allows anyone to issue assets. Unlike Loom, which relies entirely on (very good) obscurity for security, Truledger's digital signatures allow the server and the client to prove to each other that they agreed at a particular time on their balances. It does this while allowing destruction of transaction history for closed trades.

This page is a live server. Invoke it as "<msg>", and it will interpret <msg> as a server request, and return the result. For example, click here to send a "serverid" request, with debugging enabled to make it easy to see. But the server is mostly useful for client programs. There's a client here, available at the link below, that you can use to help me beta test the Truledger code. This is a development server, which I will likely occasionally break, so don't store any real value here; you might lose it. Hopefully, there will be real Truledger servers, storing real value, real soon.

Truledger Client
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To discuss, join #Truledger on (via webclient)

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